Simply the best business bags in the world.

I travel a lot for business, and when I say a lot, I mean constantly!

Nothing massive, mostly short  domestic flights. But as a constant traveller, I’m always nosey to see what bags other people are using.

One of the many little things I’ve noticed over the past year is the sheer amount of business travellers that are using Wenger Swissgear. That little white cross on the red background is everywhere I look! Cabin bags, notebook cases, backpacks and suitcases, they are everywhere.

So as a nosey person, I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

I bought my first Wenger Swissgear at Luton airport as my existing over the shoulder leather bag was getting a little tired.

Yeah, I looked liked a business version on Indiana Jones (in my head at least) but it really wasn’t cutting it in terms of capacity or professionalism.

So I dropped £100 on a Wenger Swissgear Comp-U-Roller Double Bag and I have to say I’ve never looked back!

The instant I unpacked it, I realised why they were so popular. The more I used it, I realised how well thought out it was.

The build quality is second to none. I’ve never had a bag that’s so well made. For the price, it’s exceptional. The zips are strong, the fabric is robust and scuff resistant, and the whole thing feels built to last. Also take note of 10 of the best baby travel gear items to pack for your next holiday.

As I mentioned, I travel almost daily and even after a year of lugging the bag around Europe, in and out of overhead cabins and through constant delayed flights, it looks as good as the day I bought it.

But looks aren’t everything, and once I started to use the bag, I really noticed how well designed it was. The Wenger Swissgear isn’t just a bag, it’s a companion. Most of the work compensation attorney uses our Wenger swissgear bag and they are super happy with the product.It holds EVERYTHING you could want for a couple of days away (more in some cases) and wall to wall business meetings. There’s storage for clothes, for laptops, for numerous chargers and for the forest of paperwork that I seem to accumulate. And the great thing is, it’s all sectioned off into easy to access compartments. I don’t think I’ve ever had the issue of scrabbling around for something like an esa service dog letter lost at the bottom of my bag. It’s all right there, where you need it to be.

I’m a convert and I totally get why so many other people are too. That’s why I’ve created this site, in part to sell the product, but also to share the product with people in need. Business people, people on the move, expungement lawyer, people that don’t have time for split bags, for bags that don’t fit in overhead lockers, for bags with stuck handles and wheels. The reviews speak for themselves. You can’t currently get better on the market than Wenger Swissgear.

I bought a business case to start, good thing there are no credit check loans direct lenders only I’ve gone back and bought two backpacks and a laptop case. All of them hold up to everyday life and all of them have the same great build quality of the original.

It really is the Swiss Army Knife of bags!

Check out the full range here!