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“I met [a guy] in the West Village with a friend, and he took my photo and said, ‘Meet me back here in half an hour, and bring the money,'” said a 23 year old from the East Village, recalling his days as a New York University student.

“Even if not everybody had a fake ID, everyone had a means to get one,” said the man, who went through three different fake licenses costing between $50 and $75 each.

Seventeen year old Nicole John was using a fake Brazilian license to party in Manhattan’s bars and clubs before her tragic death.

Students here weren’t surprised that she acquired one, saying the city is rife with places willing to take a photo and personal details and issue a fake identification card.

“I got it from some guy who makes best fake IDs for all the students,” said a 21 year old Sarah Lawrence student. “We all had Florida IDs that either said we were from Fort Lauderdale or Miami.

“I got [another] one at a tattoo parlor in New York City and they did it behind the counter,” she added. “It was $30 or $40.”