ID theft might be behind fake Publix coupon

Tampa, FL Cybersecurity experts say it’s possible people who have fallen for an online scam involving a bogus coupon from supermarket giant Publix, may have opened themselves up to identity theft.

Publix says a $100 discount offer making its way around social media sites is not real.

“It looks exactly like the four and five dollar coupons that I usually get,” said Rebecca Sedita, a loyal Publix customer who opened the fake coupon link on Facebook this past Sunday.

And she is not alone.

Hundreds of people thought that a legitimate looking coupon, complete with a Publix logo, coupon code, and even an expiration date, best fake ids was the real thing.

“I looked it up on Facebook,” said Sedita, “And I tried to do it, and was saddened to see that it was a scam.”

The bogus promise of $100 off $120 worth of groceries, is now circulating on several websites and Facebook. It seems too good to be true, and it is.

Publix warning shoppers of fake ids

But it’s been spreading so rapidly, that Publix has taken to social media on its legitimate site to issue its own warning.

“Our recommendation to our customers is to not participate in the promotion or provide their personal information,” said Brian West, a spokesperson for Publix.

To get to the fake coupon, users have to visit a listed website and then share that on Facebook.